• Lukagame

    Who know whats the best weapon in MGS4 not MGO? I think its it would be the M21EBR cause its got a good calibar, sniper scope, suppreser and laser sight it has got it all and someone who helped with the M21EBR page said "it is one of the deadliest weapons in the games" if one knows how to use it correctly that fact that can mount a sup is great for stealth kills as for the handguns deppend on what you are good at headshot: FiveSeven , bodyshots: Desert Eagle , one hit kills: Thor .45-.75 , if you want a all around great pistol go for the Mk.23 with sup and light turned off , if assault rifles are more your thing never fear the M21EBR is here as I said before its good for every thing even the Crying Wofl battle and Outer Haven (since theres…

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