• Noddite

    B&B Dolls Descriptions

    December 20, 2013 by Noddite

    Currently, there are only brief mentions of the B&B Corps dolls on this wiki. I don't know if they warrant their own page, but if anyone is interested in their descriptions, here they are. I've copied them down exactly, including the misspellings.

    Frog Soldier Doll

    Laughing Octopus Doll

    Raging Raven Doll

    Crying Wolf Doll

    Screaming Mantis Doll

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  • Noddite

    Drebin Points Farming

    December 5, 2013 by Noddite

    This post is mostly intended as a reference in case I forget some of the more unorthodox ways of farming DP in MGS4.

    1. Equip the bandana.
    2. Equip the desired mine.
    3. Lie down and place the mines in front of you.
    4. Collect the mines for 120 DP each.

    1. Equip the bandana.
    2. Equip the desired explosive.
    3. Place the explosives in front of you.
    4. Equip the Metal Gear Mk. II / III.
    5. Roll over to the explosives.
    6. Press the appropriate button to collect the explosives for 160 DP each.

    Disposable rocket (M72A3) and missile (Javelin, FIM-92A) launchers in excess of the inventory capacity are automatically sold at base price if you start a new game. Drebin sells ammo for them for much less.

    During Act 5, you can easily max out your DP by buying the following, completing the game, …

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  • Noddite

    Taking pictures of recovery items in MGS4: harder than it looks.

    I've managed to snap two pictures of barely passable quality from Act 2, one for the Ration and one for the Noodles. I didn't bother photographing the Regain 24, Compress, or Pentazemin because there were shadows interfering or there wasn't enough space to move into position for the shot. These pics are intended to be temporary; if someone manages to take screenshots of those five items from the model viewer, please replace the images.

    On another note, I was on MGS4's IMFDB page earlier today. See the screenshots? Here's the idea: maybe someone over there can help out.

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  • Noddite

    Item Descriptions

    June 15, 2013 by Noddite

    I'm planning to add the MGS4 descriptions for the Ration, Noodles, Regain 24, Compress, and Pentazemin over the next few days. I still need to transcribe the Pentazemin description, but here's what I have so far:

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