This post is mostly intended as a reference in case I forget some of the more unorthodox ways of farming DP in MGS4.

Claymores and SG Mines

  1. Equip the bandana.
  2. Equip the desired mine.
  3. Lie down and place the mines in front of you.
  4. Collect the mines for 120 DP each.

C4 and SG Satchels

  1. Equip the bandana.
  2. Equip the desired explosive.
  3. Place the explosives in front of you.
  4. Equip the Metal Gear Mk. II / III.
  5. Roll over to the explosives.
  6. Press the appropriate button to collect the explosives for 160 DP each.

Disposable Launchers and Difficulty Levels

Disposable rocket (M72A3) and missile (Javelin, FIM-92A) launchers in excess of the inventory capacity are automatically sold at base price if you start a new game. Drebin sells ammo for them for much less.

During Act 5, you can easily max out your DP by buying the following, completing the game, and starting a new game on a harder difficulty:


Bought for 175 DP.

Resold for 15000 DP.

Profit Margin: ~8471.73%


Bought for 150 DP.

Resold for 10000 DP.

Profit Margin: ~6566.67%


Bought for 100 DP.

Resold for 4000 DP.

Profit Margin: 3900.00%

Emotion Mag

Bought for 1000 DP.

Resold for 2000 DP.

Profit Margin: 100.00%

I recommend buying on Liquid Easy (9,999 capacity) and starting a new game on Naked Normal (893 capacity); your DP is capped at 99,999,999 and a full load of Javelins alone are worth more than that.

DP Base Price List

You should be able to copy and paste this table right into Excel. This lists every item that can be sold to Drebin and what each is worth. Note that the last five are attachments that can only be sold if you're in the same area, buy them from Drebin, then pick them up. Why you'd do so, I don't know; you'd be losing DP.

GSR 1500
Five-SeveN 3000
PMM 1750
PSS 5000
G18C 4000
Mk. 23 5000
D.E. 10000
P90 1500
M10 900
MP7 1050
AK-102 900
Mk. 17 1050
G3A3 1200
AN-94 2500
XM8 3000
M14 EBR 2700
DSR-1 6000
SVD 5400
VSS 5400
HK21E 1800
M60E4 3000
PKM 2700
Twin Barrel 7500
M870 Custom 9000
XM25 16000
RPG-7 6000
M72A3 4000
Javelin 15000
FIM-92A 10000
Grenade 60
Petro Bomb 50
W.P. Grenade 55
Stun Grenade 60
Chaff Grenade 750
Smoke Grenade 50
Smoke Grenade (Y) 75
Smoke Grenade (R) 75
Smoke Grenade (B) 75
Smoke Grenade (G) 75
Claymore 120
S.G. Mine 120
C4 160
S.G. Satchel 160
Playboy 80
Emotion Mag 2000
Mantis Doll 10000
Sorrow Doll 10000
GP-30 6000
Masterkey 9000
XM320 12000
Dot Sight 10000
Flashlight (HG) 1500
Laser Sight 15000
Scope 17500
Foregrip B 1250

Unmanned Weapons/Gears are worth the following:

Tripod 50
Slider 100
Gekko 500

Finally, the Cardboard Box you can pick up before meeting with the Metal Gear Mk. II is worth 50 DP.

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