Hello there! I recently bought MGSV:TPP and wondered: how fast is Venom Snake? Well, I can answer that question! If you want it with his fastest Bionic Arm upgrades, I'll make another post sooner or later. But for now, this his is fastest speed in the Cyborg Ninja/Gray Fox suit.

A Disclamer First: I'm not saying these measurements are accurate, if you want to correct me, feel free to do so.

So then, lets go for 100m first, which will be the base for my calculations. Venom Snake, with the suit equipped, can run 100m in 5 seconds (average). This means he can go 44.739 miles per hour, or 72 kilometers per hour. If we compare Usain Bolt to his speed, Usain Bolts fastest speed was 27.8 mph/44.72km/h in the 100m World Championships in Berlin. Venom Snake would be faster than the fastest man on Earth!

This means Venom Snake would run 1 km in 60 seconds or .621 miles. Think about this speed. He's going .28 meters per second. This is insanly fast. Now then, this is when the fun part begins! I'm going to calculate how long it would take Venom Snake to run across the Earth, horizontally!

The width of the Earth is 12742 kilometers, or 7898 miles. Venom Snake can run 1 km in 1 minute, without stopping. This feat would take Venom Snake 12742 minutes or 212 hours, or better yet, 8.8 days! Incredible right?

Please remember: If my calculations are NOT correct, feel free to correct me in anyway you can! But otherwise, I hope you enjoyed this!

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