After watching the trailer and reading some posts i could only draw these conclutions

1. when it said "She told us everything" I'm pretty sure they're referring to Paz considering she was a double agent. Cipher interrogated her into telling them everything

2. It is a possibillity that the young boy was Jack which would make him into his early to late 20's in MGS2 considering it took place in 2007 (plus he could of been there before Solidus took him in)

3. The game should take place in the late 80's i mean sure 6 years there could be change to Big Boss's hair but still

4. I'm not sure on the Disfigured Man on who he could be but this is a shot in the dark but it could be a former enemy (I did assume it could of been Zero himself but i then realized that in 4 he had no signs of disfiguration)

5. I'm pretty sure Kojima is not gonna take out the CQC Interrogation seeing how that was one of the many coolest things in 3 & 4 i wouldnt see any reason to take it out other than it's somewhat failure in Peace Walker since enemy soldiers didnt tell you anything, half of them would play hardball on you, some would tell you obvious things

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