• SolidSnake3500

    Metal Gear Solid: Germany Under Fire is fanon written by SolidSnake3500. The story takes place in 2001. Its protagonist is Jennifer Patterson, a character who's got no battle experience until she found her destiny in it as a warrior. She becomes known as Black Snake.

    Sunday January 19th, 2001 (U.N. Headquarters. New York City, United States): The German government has reported that a Neo-Nazi group called “Weisses Kurzweil” launched an attack over Berlin.

    The situation is out of control for the German Army and they’ve decided ask for International help.

    The German Prime Minister, Robert A. Schweinsteiger decided to arrive his plane to New York to discuss about the situation the German people were living.

    In the U.N. he explained that the Neo-Na…

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