• Soul reaper

    Character profile images

    February 10, 2013 by Soul reaper

    {{Character Infobox |name = Solid Snake

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  • Soul reaper

    MGR setting

    June 3, 2012 by Soul reaper

    I'll start this off by saying, no, it has not been confirmed, and as such, it should not be added to any pages on the wiki. This is purely speculation.

    What we have been told is that the game takes place in Africa, and the specific nation it takes place in is in the midst of a civil war.

    The new trailer shows us many things, one of which is the nations leader, another is it's flag.

    The flag is clearly based on the Pan-African flag, in fact it is the Pan-African flag with a yellow image on top. The image appears to be some kind of big cat but that isn't necessarily relevant. The colours in the flag are used on a number of other (mostly African) flags. A list of these can be seen on the page linked above. The most important one of which is the …

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  • Soul reaper

    New look for the wiki

    October 3, 2011 by Soul reaper

    The current look for the wiki is a fairly bland. The background is pretty poorly made and the front page has a lot of wasted space. I think it's time that we updated the look, cleaned things up and gave the wiki the appearance it deserves. I've made a new background, logo and header for the wiki, as seen in the first image. It features the three playable characters on both the header and the background. I've also changed the logo to the most frequently used font in the series.

    The new main page layout is more organized, has links to all the games, and updated buttons. Below the game navigation is the Release dates box and the news section. At the bottom is the Did You Know section and the Recent Activity. The RA is in a scroll box, that wa…

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  • Soul reaper

    As a long time visitor to Metal Gear Wiki and occasional contributor, I want to see the site in top condition. Earlier this year the last active admin left the Wiki. Since then the Wiki has been running smoothly for the most part but I've started noticing a few areas that need cleaning up, or incidents that would have gone better with an active admin on the Wiki, such as the vandalism of a large number of pages a little while ago. There are also areas of the wiki that are locked to all non-admins and thus inaccessible to all the active users. I believe the Wiki needs an active admin and would like to suggest Bluerock or Weedle McHairybug as they are the most active users, have been registered longer than most and have incredibly high edit …

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