As a long time visitor to Metal Gear Wiki and occasional contributor, I want to see the site in top condition. Earlier this year the last active admin left the Wiki. Since then the Wiki has been running smoothly for the most part but I've started noticing a few areas that need cleaning up, or incidents that would have gone better with an active admin on the Wiki, such as the vandalism of a large number of pages a little while ago. There are also areas of the wiki that are locked to all non-admins and thus inaccessible to all the active users. I believe the Wiki needs an active admin and would like to suggest Bluerock or Weedle McHairybug as they are the most active users, have been registered longer than most and have incredibly high edit counts. They help out the user base and enforce the rules of the wiki.

Thought I should add that if one of you does decide to take up the position then you will need to visit this page. I'll help out anyway I can but I don't feel that I am the right person for the job.

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