Either fan or beginner every one has an opinion about something, this is YOUR chance to let your fandom out good or bad. What is metal gear to you, do you hate or love the series and why. I came up with this blog because the series means something to me. I love to talk and express my opinion for some things and mgs is one of my fav subjects to talk about. My first expierience playing these games was mgs 3, ps2 version. My aunt gave me this game as a present for my b-day back in 05' and i fell in love with the series, sadly my best friend stole it (idk y) and i hadn't seen it since, until this past x-mas i got the hd collection for my 360 and every time i play it i get memories of the present that was taken. So to me its a memorie and i look forward to the future of the games.

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