On August 30th, An update was released for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes that allows users to upload their save files into Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Players who complete a variety of tasks within Ground Zeroes can unlock new features that can be utilized in their playthrough of the Phantom Pain.

Mgsupdate 610b

Current Unlockable Information

Extract 19 POWs and Agents throughout the missions for 19 Volunteers to appear as recruits in The Phantom Pain. Players only need to extract them in the Normal Difficulty. The list of people include:

  • Ground Zeroes: 5 Prisoners, 4 in the eastern prison camp where Chico is being held and one POW awaiting execution near the western refugee camp near the starting point. (Players must extract Chico before he appears)
  • Eliminate the Renegade Threat: Both of the targets, Glaz and Palitz, can be extracted. There are also 2 POWs found in cages in the east prison camp.
  • Intel Operative Rescue: Hideo Kojima, the operative, is the only POW that can be rescued. He's extracted upon completing the mission.
  • Classified Intel Acquisition: The Undercover Agent can be extracted. There is also a Bald Soldier carrying a cassette tape near the generators in the Lower Admin Building that can be extracted. There are also 3 POWs located in the east prison camp.
  • Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements: Prisoner 12282 can be extracted from the Boiler Room area where Paz is located in the Ground Zeroes Mission. There are also 3 POWs located in the east prison camp.

Need to beat Ground Zeroes Mission for the Sneaking Suit Costume

Need to beat Déjà Vu for Snake Costume

Need to beat Déjà Vu Hard for Grey Fox Costume

Need to beat Jamuis Vu for Raiden Costume

Need to beat Jamuis Vu Hard for Raiden White Costume

No news on whether cassette tapes, S ranks, or percent completion will factor into any rewards at this time. This list will be updated as more information becomes available.

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