• TheManWithTheEyePatch

    I just recently finished playing Peace Walker, and Big Boss froze my soul to the core! It made me wanna go back and play every MGS game hence my title "METAL GEAR MANIA!" I love the games with a passion. 2001 was when I started my MGS craze...9 years I cant believe how time flies. MGS2 was my first MGS game, and despite being Raiden for the majority of the game, I loved it to death. Three years later I luckily had found an original Metal Gear Solid game at a Flee market being sold for 20 bucks. I had wanted that game so bad that I bought it on the spot. I played the crap outta those games until MGS3 and Subsistence arrived.

    My world changed after those games, becuase I got to see how Naked Snake became the ruthless Big Boss. Hones…

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