• The Chemical Ninja

    A simple list of camo combinations to make characters from the mgs history, plus a few I made up.

    Face Camo : Otacon

    Unlocked by bumping into him with the mk. 2.

    Body Camo : Suit

    Unloacked by beating the game.

    Vest : None (Suit doesn't let you wear vests)

    Face Camo : Raiden

    Unlocked by bumping into Sunny or Dr. Hunter with the mk. 2.

    Body Camo : Iron (with light gray wire Pattern)

    Found in the Screaming Mantis fight. It is on the walls.

    Vest : Black

    It's a preset color, so you should already have it.

    Face Camo : Raiden

    Body Camo : Statue (gold)

    Vest : Tan

    Unlocked by beating the game (along with other vests)

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