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  • The Milkman

    The Blade Wolf DLC released yesterday, and as a fan of the Metal Gear franchise, I felt obligated to buy it and share my opinions on it. Much like the Jetstream DLC, most of the content here is recycled, from enemies to environment. What we do get however, is a very different play style from the first two, which makes this one worth looking into to.

    fan, you aren't going to be very disappointed. Even if it did turn out to be more of the same, this add-on was short and sweet, and left me with a good taste in my mouth. If you're looking to Zandatsu some more cyborgs, this time with a chainsaw, this is probably worth your time and money. Read more >
  • The Milkman

    The Jetstream DLC for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance released today, and I had a fair bit of fun with it. Of course, like the Awakened DLC for Dead Space 3, that may be because the core gameplay experience is incredibly satisfying, and not because it brings anything new to the table. That said, Jetstream does manage to give the gameplay a fresh spin, even if nearly everything is recycled. I suppose the question here isn't so much "is it fun" as it is, "is it worth the money".

    The main draw here is the story, which involves Sam taking on Desperado at their headquarters in Denver. Fans of Metal Gear Rising will really appreciate subtle nods and backstory titbits here and there, though nothing substantial is really revealed. It does however, act as an …

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  • The Milkman

    I've finally completed Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and I had a blast with it. It's far from perfect however, and there are a few areas that could use some improvement. Not everything can be patched in, but I hope Platinum Games and Kojima Productions can keep these things in mind when working on a sequel.

    Please God, let there be a sequel.

    One other thing that bothered me was Raiden's family life, or rather, the lack thereof.

    This really irked me. Rosemary was such a huge part of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, and she even helped Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots She even provided support in both games (well technically, she didn't in the former, but let's not get into that). I'm not saying there's anything wrong wi…

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