• UnitedPhysics

    What if...

    July 14, 2014 by UnitedPhysics

    What if the whole of the Metal Gear saga turns out to be a dream or something? For example, like if Big Boss did die at the end of Ground Zeroes, and the whole of everything after that, from waking up from his coma, to his death at Arlington, is a hallucinaion he has as medics rush to save him before he croaks. Or if the whole series timeline itself is the dreams of a young boy in the 80s named David, with an absentee eyepatched father, a sadistic twin brother, and dreams of becoming a spy and war hero, who comes up with all of Metal Gear based on his life and lack of, for example Otacon is based on a classmate of his 9Kind of like that Deep Space Nine episode where Sisko is a 50s sci-fi writer). Probably not, but what if/ And also, has so…

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