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  • Weedle McHairybug

    I was mulling some things over, and at the risk of violating the whole religion and politics ban, I noticed that Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, and to some extent Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots seemed to have a bit of anti-Christian propaganda in addition to the more well-known anti-American propaganda.

    You might disagree with me and view me as a nut after this, maybe even ban me for breaking the religion and politics ban, but at least hear me out, because there are some points that need to be addressed as to how it seems to be pushing said propaganda. It basically relates a lot to the Patriots, as well as to some extent Raiden and Solidus' backstory, also Solid Snake as well to some extent:

    First, we need to get into the pre…

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  • Weedle McHairybug

    To any and all Japanese-knowledgeable Wiki editors (ie, those who are fluent in writing and/or speaking Japanese):

    As you might already be aware, September 30 is the deadline to get DLC for the PSP version of Peace Walker. I managed to take photographs for this wiki the PSN descriptions of Japanese-exclusive DLC (and in one set's case, the Japanese version of a DLC). I need any wiki editors with a firm grasp on the Japanese language to translate the following descriptions (and for the record, the foreground text is the one that needs translating):

    The first five are from the AI Human Voice DLC (yes, I know that's also in the English version, but since the VA is obviously different between the two versions of each, I wanted to cover all the b…

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  • Weedle McHairybug

    I've seen how many times people act as if the concept of peace was a very good thing, especially the world peace often fought for in the 1960s, but also other aspects of peace. Unfortunately, for various reasons, I honestly cannot fathom how peace could even be remotely considered a good thing, no matter how many times I grapple with it or how many times I try to think differently about how peace is truly a good thing.

    One of the leading causes of World War II was the Treaty of Versaillis, where they forced Germany into reparations because they effectively lost the war, all so they'd have, ironically, ended the war to end all wars. As you can tell, that ended badly. Our president at the time, Woodrow Wilson, also allowed for this sort of th…

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  • Weedle McHairybug

    Okay, as we all know, Snake Eater 3D is going to be coming out on February 21st. I also don't have to worry about missing school, as the campus is closed for a study day on that day. Other than the experience of playing MGS3 in any form for the first time, I'm also getting it so I can check the status of Suzetta Minet's identity. What happens afterwards depends on what the name listed is: If the name is still listed as Suzetta Minet, then whenever possible, I'll contact Jodi Benson and ask her, among other things, if she is Suzetta Minet. If the name usually listed as Minet is instead given a different name (possibly her real name), I won't ask Jodi Benson that question. This is pretty much my, our last chance of finding out Minet's true i…

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  • Weedle McHairybug

    Ok, I was wondering why is it that EVA seems to resort to seducing/sleeping with people to do her part as a spy? I really cannot seem to understand this concept, and it also seems... sinful, given my christian upbringing. I also cannot understand why it seems to be a common thing in spy flicks, or media that even briefly alludes to espionage in the overall genre, for female spies, or even just spies in general, seem to sleep around. I mean, the only spy who neither slept with or seduced any of the guards in any way, shape, or form to accomplish her mission was Kim Possible, and even that is most likely due to the fact that Kim Possible is supposed to be a kids show.

    I'm very serious when asking this, since I really can't understand this so…

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