Ok, I was wondering why is it that EVA seems to resort to seducing/sleeping with people to do her part as a spy? I really cannot seem to understand this concept, and it also seems... sinful, given my christian upbringing. I also cannot understand why it seems to be a common thing in spy flicks, or media that even briefly alludes to espionage in the overall genre, for female spies, or even just spies in general, seem to sleep around. I mean, the only spy who neither slept with or seduced any of the guards in any way, shape, or form to accomplish her mission was Kim Possible, and even that is most likely due to the fact that Kim Possible is supposed to be a kids show.

I'm very serious when asking this, since I really can't understand this sort of issue. I mean, not only is it a sin in my religion to sleep before marriage or sleep around, but it also sort of makes them look bad. If anyone knows, please give an explaination for this.

EDIT: I might as well also mention that I am heterosexual, because I have had some bad experiences on BMGf and Pokecommunity where people accused me of being gay just because I hated Pornography (when, again, I hate it due to the fact that the church considers it a sin). As much as I don't endorse sex before marriage and also don't like sexual seduction, I am still attracted to females.

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