Okay, as we all know, Snake Eater 3D is going to be coming out on February 21st. I also don't have to worry about missing school, as the campus is closed for a study day on that day. Other than the experience of playing MGS3 in any form for the first time, I'm also getting it so I can check the status of Suzetta Minet's identity. What happens afterwards depends on what the name listed is: If the name is still listed as Suzetta Minet, then whenever possible, I'll contact Jodi Benson and ask her, among other things, if she is Suzetta Minet. If the name usually listed as Minet is instead given a different name (possibly her real name), I won't ask Jodi Benson that question. This is pretty much my, our last chance of finding out Minet's true identity without asking Benson directly, since we already know thanks to David Hayter that Minet is an alias for another actress, and the in-house KP podcast interview already shot down the possibility of Debi Mae West as being Minet. Let's hope the debates about Minet's identity end soon.

EDIT: I should clarify a few things: One, When I said it's going to be out on February 21st, I meant here in the United States. That probably was an unnecessary clarification, but you can never tell. Second, I should clarify that whether EVA's voice actor is still listed as Suzetta Minet or not may also have a depending result on interviewing Jodi Benson is supposed to mean whether I actually ask Mrs. Benson if she was Suzetta Minet or not in the interview depends on whether they keep Suzetta Minet or reveal the real name of Suzetta Minet. I'm probably going to still interview Mrs. Benson anyways, as there's some things I need to figure out about her viewpoints (as well as her perceptions on some parts of a certain franchise). I know she's a devout christian (similar to how I try to be devout in my faith) and that she voiced Ariel and some other characters, but that's about it.

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