X Solid Snake

aka Brandon

  • I live in Orlando, Flordia
  • I was born on November 17
  • My occupation is Part time at call center, writer, gamer
  • I am Male
  • X Solid Snake

    Several days had past since Big Boss's death due to the deadly FOXDIE virus. The events that went on at the cementary cleary had a effect on Snake, with the death of his father and his old comrade Zero giving him a reason to put down the gun and live life the way a normal person woud live. Even with the dying wish to turn back from his dangerous lifestyle, Snake would think about it before going on with his life. "Either I die on the battlefield, or in a casket." Snake would repeat these words to himself daily, with each choice ensuring his demise either way.

    "Snake.......are you okay?" Otacon would peer his head inside the cracked door, feeling a bit of remorse for his closest friend. Out of the several years Hal had known him, never befor…

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