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    I consider Solid Snake the major villain of the Metal Gear Saga. Why? I'm going to explain you WHY.

    Here we go: the Patriots were an organization that wanted to accomplish the last wishes of The Boss. Zero, which was in the unit S.A.S. with The Boss, along with Big Boss, Para-Medic, Sigint and then EVA and Ocelot, the Patriots formed.

    Liquid and Solidus began to challenge the Patriots (the incident on Shadow Moses in 2005, the Crash of Big Shell / Arsenal Gear in 2009, and 2014 with the uprising of Liquid Ocelot), but each attempt, the Patriots sent Solid Snake who seized his two brothers.

    Although Solid Snake (as he himself says in MGS2), manages to elude the control of the Patriots, remains a pawn in their hands. The missions of Shadow Mose…

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