In physical chemistry, the van der Waals force, are the attractive or repulsive forces between molecules other than those due to covalent bonds (when atoms bond due to the sharing of pairs of electrons) or ionic bonds (a bond formed by the attraction between two oppositely charged ions; normally between metals and non-metals).

There are technologies that are able to utilize van der Waals force, allowing heavy objects to adhere to surfaces over a relatively small area. Around 2004, Otacon stumbled upon research that reportedly was able to suspend an object weighing 100 grams using a 5 millimeter square piece of tape. He believed this technology evolved into what the Haven Troopers and Vamp used to cling to walls and other surfaces.

Behind the scenes

A real-life technology currently in development by DARPA dealing with nanotechnology aims to enable use of van der Waals force. Called the Z-Man Experiment, the goal is to provide soldiers with a reliable and convenient method of scaling vertical surfaces with a full combat load [1].

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