This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

Colonel Vermon CaTaffy was the leader of Outer Heaven.


Originally a tranquil shepherd boy, CaTaffy grew up on the remote banks of the Sam Sam River in outer Mongolia with his 27 sisters. However, he became fascinated with, and turned to, terrorism at a very young age, and eventually became the leader of Outer Heaven, a small nation in South Africa, after years of pillaging innocent people across the globe. Upon becoming the leader of Outer Heaven, CaTaffy imposed a sole-leader tyranny (himself being the leader) and acted as a radical dictator, where he ruled with bombs and bullets. Within a few months, he removed democracy, and instituted a global terrorist group by forcing various villagers into acting as his mercenaries. Not content with his method of running things, he also created Metal Gear to unleash new waves of terror across the globe. He also developed five strongholds within Outer Heaven, which he left to his most loyal soldiers to guard.

FOXHOUND eventually dispatched Solid Snake to stop CaTaffy's Metal Gear as well as his threat against the world. After Snake halted his plans, CaTaffy, having lost what little of his sanity he had, murdered two of Snake's comrades, and then sought asylum from Higharolla Kockamamie, and likewise supplied him with Metal Gear.[1]

Behind the scenes

Colonel Vermon CaTaffy is referenced on the packaging and in the instruction manual for the NES version of Metal Gear as the game's antagonist.[2] CaTaffy is only mentioned via these sources and does not actually appear in the game (where the leader of Outer Heaven is revealed to be Big Boss at the end). He was not mentioned in the Japanese manual for the Famicom version, as he is a product of the game's localization. His name is a parody of former Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi.

CaTaffy is mentioned again in Snake's Revenge on the back of the game's packaging, where he is the one who donated Metal Gear to the game's new antagonist, Higharolla Kockamamie, and was responsible for the deaths of two of Snake's friends.[1] The manual and game doesn't clarify who these friends were. Other than the manual for Metal Gear and the packaging for Snake's Revenge, the only other time CaTaffy was given a mention was in the Worlds of Power novelization, which was based on the localized NES manuals.

In a similar story development, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain would later establish that the Big Boss who commanded FOXHOUND, and the one who was defeated in Outer Heaven, were separate individuals, comprising the original and a body double, respectively.

Notes and references

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    After his plan to rule the world rusted away, crazed Vermon CaTaffy went psycho. Unfortunately, [Solid Snake's] two best friends took the brunt of his frenzy and lost their fight to live. As nutty as ever, CaTaffy has sought asylum from the world's premier bad guy-Higharolla Kockamamie. Grateful to this 'Rolla Radical, the Colonel has donoted the biggest, baddest Ultra-Sheik Nuclear Attack Tank to his fellow madman's world dominating cause.
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