This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

Vince (formerly Major Vince) was chief of security at SaintLogic, hired by President Rodzinski. He had glowing blue eyes and hid his face at all times using a black mask and a helmet that resembled a Pickelhaube Kaizer Helmet.


At some point prior to working at SaintLogic, Vince was a well-known mercenary who participated in countless global conflicts.

When Thomas Koppelthorn took over SaintLogic's North American, Vince was charged with retaking the complex. During the incident, he learned of the test subject Harab Serap's elimination at the hands of the mercenary Snake, as well as the northern shutter being open due to Snake's earlier tampering with the security system. Vince ordered that contact be restored with his soldiers cut off at the facility's North Block to maintain security's morale, and made the recapture of SaintLogic's Metal Gear their top priority, in order to preserve its secrecy from the public. He also intended to capture Snake and his ally Venus to end any further interference from them.

Vince eventually ambushed Snake and Venus at Research Block Section 2-3-E, while they were searching for Dr. Takiyama, and fought them. After he was defeated, he begged for mercy, and revealed that Takiyama was the head researcher of the EGO system, and that she had been spotted on one of the security monitors ten minutes earlier. Venus was then ordered by her superior General Wiseman to execute him after he gave them the information he needed, although alarms sounded regarding the activation of the test and the mandatory evacuation of the hangar due to a shiftover to System B. Vince realized that Koppelthorn was hijacking Metal Gear and rushed off to stop it, which also had him narrowly evading Venus's gunshot.

Vince later encountered Koppelthorn with a battalion of tanks, and tried to force Koppelthorn to surrender. Koppelthorn, however, simply used Metal Gear to incinerate them.

After his security forces destroyed the Patrol Bots surrounding Metal Gear's hangar, Vince contacted Rodzinski regarding the progress of the invasion. He then ordered a rescue team to be deployed for Rodzinski.

Eventually, Vince managed to trap Snake and Venus via tripwire C4, and also revealed that this time he brought his forces. Eventually, he was mortally wounded from the fight. The rescue squad that he sent for Rodzinski reported in and revealed that he was leaving in a chopper. He then contacted Rodzinski and learned that he was abandoning the island and leaving the security forces and personnel to take the blame for SaintLogic's illegal activities. Taking Rodzinski's insulting last words about "taking care of themselves" to heart, he ordered the rescue team to shoot down Rodzinski's chopper, and also called for a full evacuation of the personnel. He also requested that Venus and Snake let the soldiers leave quietly before succumbing to his wounds.


Vince wielded an RPG-7 in combat, usually carrying three RPG shells on his back, and would often fire "warning shots" at his enemies. He would also be accompanied by a flock of ravens, who would circle above him and provide ammunition if he began to run low.


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