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Vulcan Raven is a character card in Metal Gear Acid.

Card details

  • Name: Vulcan Raven
  • Type: Character
  • Number: 140
  • Pack: MGS1
  • Cost: 8
  • Reality: +++

"Bullet Spray"
Attaches to WEAPON (EQUIP type only)
Turns single attacks into area attacks (3X3).
[Attack Area]
O * * * O
O * * * O
O * * * O
O O ^ O O

[Vulcan Raven]
A member of the newly reformed FOXHOUND.
A giant of a man who carries a fighter jet's vulcan cannon on his back.
Of mixed Alaskan, Native American and Inuit ancestry, he was raised as a shaman.
"The ravens say you are a true warrior."

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