The Water Pistol, commonly referred to as a Water Gun or Squirt Gun, is a type of toy gun that is designed to shoot a stream of water and is commonly used in water warfare. The body of the pistol itself is designed to hold and contain the water with the trigger being attached to a pump that squirts water out of the muzzle. Modern variants may utilize compressed air, rubber chambers, or other means in order to launch the water.


Phantom Pain Incident

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Venom Snake employed the Diamond Dogs R&D Team to develop a Water Pistol for him in 1984. It was typically used to temporarily blind enemies, allowing for a quick takedown with CQC or as a means of distraction. The Water Pistol was also used to hold up soldiers who were unaware that it was a toy gun. Others however, saw through the ruse and attacked soon after. Due to the vulnerability of water for electronics, it was also used to short-circuit electronic equipment such as power generators or communication dishes. It could also be used against the Man on Fire to extinguish him (although it took roughly 80 shots to do so), or to momentarily stun the Parasite Unit due to their parasites' uncontrollable love of water.

While it was subsequently upgraded to maximize effectiveness, its use as an offensive weapon was severely lacking.

Behind the scenes

The Water Pistol is a weapon that can be developed in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, after gaining the Children's Reward Key Item. Even though it is able to shoot water, it is not particularly effective against the Man on Fire during the boss fight against him, which is present in the mission immediately after the water gun is unlocked.

In-game weapon descriptions

"Water-based system. Operating the finely-tuned trigger connected to the high-capacity water pump launches a controlled stream of water from the muzzle"
―Weapon description in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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