This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

The brother of Weasel was a mercenary.


Weasel's younger brother joined the mercenary trade in order to get closer to his sibling. Weasel, however, realized that this was foolish, especially when the former was not skilled enough to become one. At some point, he was given a lucky pendant by Weasel.

During one of their mercenary operations, Weasel and his brother were assigned to two different sides of the conflict, with the latter's side eventually losing. Weasel ultimately didn't warn his brother, despite his side being cornered and being slaughtered, which resulted in the brother's death the next day. When Weasel found his brother's corpse, he saw that the lucky pendant had been chewed through, indicating that in his final moments, his brother became extremely hateful and blamed him for what resulted in his death.

Despite having no direct involvement in his brother's death, rumors circulated that Weasel had killed him, which eventually resulted in their mother committing suicide, and his father, in anger for Weasel's perceived role in their deaths, getting into a fight with him. Years later, Weasel would admit that his brother was the one person he cared about.


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