This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

Commander William Weah was the president of the Central African nation of Gindra since 1997. His ethnicity was that of the Gindra majority ethnic group, the Gunda.


At some point by 1997, William Weah managed to orchestrate a coup d'état against the Gindran government and install the military in a seat of power as a result. He also pronounced himself President for life and Head of State, acting as his first official act upon ascending to power. His rule led to an oppressive regime against several ethnic minorities, including attempted genocide against one of the minority groups, the Boias, in 1999. This ultimately led to the rise of the Gindra Liberation Front (GLF), led by General Augustine Eguabon. His regime's failure to stop the GLF led to a civil war that escalated in 2002 when the GLF hijacked Metal Gear GANDER.


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