The Model 1200 and Model 1300 are two pump-action shotguns that are manufactured by the Winchester-Western Division of Olin Corporation. It was produced in 12-, 16- and 20-gauge. Production of the Model 1300 ceased in 2006, when USRAC went bankrupt.


The Winchester Model 1200 is a 20-inch, 12-gauge, manually operated, slide action shotgun. The slide action, also known as a pump-action, means that the shotgun has a moving bolt system which is operated by a "wooden or composite slide called the fore-end."

Behind the scenes


The Model 1300's appearance in The Twin Snakes (right page).

The Winchester Model 1300 Defender appears in the remake to Metal Gear Solid, The Twin Snakes, although not as a weapon accessible by either the player or any of the enemy soldiers. Instead, it is included in the internal pages of the book item on the right page, being held by a blond woman identified as "A. Roivas". The gun, as well as the woman holding it (Alexandra Roivas), are both references to the game Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, where the Winchester Model 1300 Defender, identified in-game as the Shotgun in Alex's chapter, is one of Alex's strongest weapons and is procurable late into the game after gaining access to the Roivas Mansion's basement. Eternal Darkness was developed by Silicon Knights, who also developed The Twin Snakes, thus explaining the cameo.


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