This article is about a character from Metal Gear Acid 2. You may be looking for the Philosophers' Wisemen's Committee.

Wiseman was a General within the United States Department of Defense's Joint Chiefs of Staff. He claimed to knew about Snake's and Venus's past, and offered information on it in return for their assistance with his operation regarding the SaintLogic research facility. Wiseman's goal was to eliminate Dr. Thomas Koppelthorn and forced Snake to do it. He was the commander of Venus and ordered her to help Snake (and later to fight him). He preferred efficiency over morality, and appeared to had a hidden agenda.


Wiseman was one of the key members in the EGO project. However, the Model 2 test subjects did not give off results in terms of their limits that were sufficient in Wiseman's eyes, so he instigated the Praulia Massacre in the Serena Republic to get sufficient data on the soldiers' limits.

Several years later, Snake managed to escape from Serena and attempted to sneak into the United States along with comrades of his. Wiseman secretly arranged this after learning of Snake's survival, and then anonymously tipped off ex-FBI agent Dalton to arrest Snake and his comrades, and then offer him a mission to infiltrate SaintLogic to determine whether the rumors about their placing children through inhumane experiments was true or not, and then supply evidence regarding it.

Initially, he intended to have Venus destroy the facility as well as frame Snake and Dalton with the deed while also retrieving the Lucinda file before Rodzinski had a chance to submit the file to the ICC to clear himself of all charges in any involvement in the Praulia Massacre. However, he was later forced to expose himself and take over the mission, because of Koppelthorn's rebellion and his threatening to launch a nuke at the United States if they didn't produce a names of all military bigwigs and politicians involved in the Praulia Massacre, although Dalton and Snake were suspicious of his motives. After the threat was taken care of, Wiseman betrayed Snake through Venus, and had Venus attempt to kill him, revealing what had happened three years ago and his involvement in the events. He was later arrested due to B.B. hypnotizing the President to have him arrest Wiseman for his involvement, although his overall reaction indicated that he intended to get out of prison soon.

Behind the scenes

General Wiseman is the true main antagonist of Metal Gear Acid 2. He bears a large resemblance to famed singer Elton John, although whether it was intentional or coincidental is unknown.

Although Wiseman was stated to be a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the exact branch of the United States Armed Forces that Wiseman represented among the Joint Chiefs of Staff is never specified.