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A pack of wolves in Afghanistan, 1984.

Wolves are wild canid predators that are presumed to be related to the more domestic dogs owned by humans. They are considered noble but dangerous creatures. Unlike domesticated dogs or wolf dogs, pure wolves generally don't bark often. They also don't wag their tails to indicate happiness.

Behind the scenes

Wolves appear in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. They can be encountered in Afghanistan, acting as a threat to the player. They also appear in the rainforests of Africa. The Gamescom 2014 demo showed three wolves on a cliffside, shortly after Venom Snake Fulton extracted a stray goat out of the area, implying that they were prepared to kill the goat and devour it had Venom Snake not intervened. Like most large wildlife, it is possible to Fulton extract them if tranquilized or stunned from afar.

If a wolf pounces the player, the player needs to shake them off. Successfully doing so will leave them stunned long enough to allow the player to Fulton them. When being fultoned, they will whimper slightly before, if the player uses a regular fulton, making a howl.

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