Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost was a Soviet base in Afghanistan located on a road between the Afghanistan Central Base Camp and the smaller camps around the area.


Yakho Oboo was a well defended base surrounded by thick high walls. It's believed that the soldiers on the base lived a rather comfortable life, as the base was well-furnished, had medical facilities, a TV and several refrigerators. It was also often used as a prison as it had two separate and rather spacious cells. As suggested by the name, the main purpose of the base was to serve as a supply outpost.


In 1984, the Supply Outpost acted as a hidden staging area for at least one armored vehicle, which one captured enemy managed to find out. Later, a Mujahideen prisoner Malak was moved to a prison cell in Yakho Oboo, where he was interrogated by the Soviets. Before he was killed, however, Venom Snake managed to rescue him and recruit him to Diamond Dogs.

Later that year, the body of Man on Fire was stored in the base. Venom Snake once again infiltrated Yakho Oboo and extracted the body, although not before it reanimated one last time, also briefly revealing the Man on Fire's original identity in the process.


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