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This article is about a fictional representation of a real world subject.

Kimitake Hiraoka (平岡 公威 Hiraoka Kimitake?), better known by his pen name Yukio Mishima (三島 由紀夫 Mishima Yukio?, January 14, 1925 - November 25, 1970), was a famous Japanese author and poet, who was responsible for writing the novel The Temple of the Golden Pavilion in 1956, which was translated into English in 1959.

After a failed coup d'état at the Ichigaya Camp, the headquarters for Eastern Command of the Japan Self-Defense Forces, due to his radical right-wing politics, Yukio Mishima ended up committing suicide via seppuku (ritualistic suicide via disembowelment). Then-Japan Self-Defense Forces member Kazuhira Miller bore witness to Mishima's suicide, which alongside his not advancing in the ranks of the JSDF and his mother dying then-recently from an STD contracted during the post-war period influenced Miller to resign from the JSDF and pursue life as a mercenary, despite his not personally agreeing with Mishima's vision.[1]


Notes and references

  1. ^ Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions (2010).
    Briefing Files > Briefing Library > Miller > Peace Constitutions > JSDF > Why Miller Quit the JSDF
    Naked Snake (Big Boss): So why'd you quit the JSDF? // Kazuhira Miller: Because I didn't have a reason to be in Japan anymore. // Snake: Reason? // Miller: My mom had died three years earlier, so I didn't have to care for her anymore. With her gone, there was no point hanging around in Japan. // Snake: Yeah, but a man with your talents could have risen pretty high in the ranks, I imagine. // Miller: I don't know what they made of me. Could be it actually alienated me from the brass. And personally, I could never get used to the idea of exclusive defense. // Snake: Meaning? // Miller: On a strategic level, I can see how a country could go with the exclusive defense model used by the JSDF, and I've got nothing against my fellow soldiers who believe in it. On a tactical level, though, it just rubbed me the wrong way. To put it simply, I was itching for a real fight. // Snake: I figured.... // Miller: And I felt like as long as I was in the JSDF, I'd never be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with my father who was in the U.S. Army. Seeing Yukio Mishima's suicide didn't help, either. // Snake: Yukio Mishima... the guy who wrote "The Temple of the Golden Pavilion"? // Miller: The way he questioned the status quo hit home with me. Not that I admired his vision or anything. But it did get me thinking, that's for sure.

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