A Soviet ZaAZ-S84/4W in 1984

The ZaAZ-S84/4W was a Russian-made utility vehicle in use in 1984. 

Background and features

A multipurpose light-transport vehicle, with four-wheel drive built for harsh Russian weather and road conditions. During the Cold War it was exported all over the world. It was more durable than its Western counter-part, the APE T-41LV, but at the cost of speed.


The ZaAZ-S84/4W was in use with the Russian military since at least 1984. They were commonly used by Soviet soldiers for transport over the rugged terrain of Afghanistan.

Phantom Pain Incident

See also: Hospital Escape and Phantom Pain Incident

During The Phantom Pain Incident, Venom Snake frequently encountered them in his travels in Afghanistan. Diamond Dogs was able to procure some in the field for their own use.

During the events in Afghanistan, a ZaAZ-S84/4W was patrolling between outposts and was in close proximity to Wakh Sind Barracks, although it was intercepted and captured by Snake. A ZaAZ-S84/4W later transported a mute survivor of the Hamid to Da Smasei Laman by various Soviet Soldiers in order to have him physically lead them to the "Honey Bee" CIA weapon stashed inside, since they couldn't get the location from him verbally for obvious reasons, with Snake tailing them. two platoon commanders later arrived via ZaAZ-S84/4Ws from Da Shago Kallai and Wakh Sind Barracks, respectively, at Da Wialo Kallai to meet with the company commander in charge to discuss how to deal with a problem, although they were intercepted by Snake during the meet. In addition, a ZaAZ-S84/4W also arrived to deliver a prisoner to Wakh Sind Barracks later on, although Snake, who at the time was aiding the Mujahideen Guerillas by neutralizing the Soviets' mechanized force, intercepted the prisoner before they could make the transfer after being notified by Ocelot.

Several were commandeered by XOF when they seized OKB Zero in 1984, and a column escorted Skull Face and Venom Snake to Metal Gear's hangar. When Eli hijacked Metal Gear with the aid of Tretji Rebenok, Snake attempted to escape in one, but his vehicle was overturned by Metal Gear's weaponry, forcing him to face it in combat.

After the events of the above battle, a ZaAZ-S84/4W was manned by a search party for a CIA mole within Soviet forces, at the orders of a mole for XOF. In addition, the XOF agent himself arrived within a ZaAZ-S84/4W upon the CIA agent's capture.

Behind the scenes

The ZaAZ-S84/4W first appeared in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It is based on the UAZ series of Light Utility Vehicles in use with the Russian military. 


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