Zaozyorje GRU

Spetsnaz troops search for Naked Snake and EVA in Zaozyorje.

Zaozyorje (Russian: Заозёрье) was a forested area in Tselinoyarsk. According to EVA, the name Zaozyorje roughly translated as "near the lake," and was located southwest of Rokovoj Bereg.


Operation Snake Eater

See also: Virtuous Mission and Operation Snake Eater

After escaping Lazorevo, Naked Snake and EVA realized that their motorcycle was leaking gasoline, during their approach to Zaozyorje. As EVA took a closer look, she took her eyes off the road ahead of her and crashed the bike into a log, resulting in her and Snake flying off it. Snake suffered minor injuries, but EVA had her abdomen pierced by a tree branch. She managed to pull herself free and her wounds were tended to by Snake.

Shortly afterwards, Spetsnaz troops discovered the wreck of the motorcycle, and began searching the area, eventually placing snipers within the eastern portion of the area. Snake and EVA proceeded through the forest while avoiding the soldiers, eventually making their way to Rokovoj Bereg.

Behind the scenes

Zaozyorje West and Zaozyorje East are two individual areas featured in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Because of EVA's radio being destroyed by Volgin earlier, the player cannot contact EVA for any information on the region while traversing through it. Instead, the player has to contact EVA shortly after getting Major Raikov's uniform to learn any information about Zaozyorje, and by extension Rokovoj Bereg and Lazorevo.



Zaozyorje West


Zaozyorje East

The player must escort an injured EVA through Zaozyorje. She will crouch and remain stationary until Snake beckons to her. She moves slowly and her stamina gauge decreases at an alarming rate, requiring the player to provide her with food via the Survival Viewer. She will stop often; to get her going again, the player can move to her, lie down, then get back up again.


Zaozyorje West

Note: These items only appear at the Motorcycle crash site.

  • SVD Bullets x40

Zaozyorje East

  • None

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