A Diamond Dogs Zi-GRA 6T in Afghanistan, 1984.

The Zi-GRA 6T was a Soviet 6x6 multi-purpose transport truck that was in service since at least 1984. It acted as the mainstay truck for the Soviet Army.

Background and features

A rugged, durable truck, its 6x6 build gave it great traversal and transport capability.


Phantom Pain Incident

See also: Hospital Escape and Phantom Pain Incident

They would often be seen travelling around Afghanistan and stopping at various outposts owned by the Soviets in Afghanistan when Diamond Dogs operated in Afghanistan in 1984. Some were even extracted by the Diamond Dogs themselves.

While attempting to rescue Kazuhira Miller from his Soviet captors, the Diamond Dogs leader, Venom Snake, tracked down a truck driver in Da Wialo Kallai and extracted him. While transferring from Qarya Sakhra Ee to the then-recently abandoned Da Smasei Laman with a Tank Unit, a lieutenant colonel personally commandeered a Zi-GRA 6T. A Zi-GRA 6T later arrived to deliver a CGM 25 multi-rocket launcher, although Snake, who was in the area trying to prevent a massive Soviet mechanized force from supplying reinforcements against the Mujahideen, intercepted the truck and delivery. A transport truck driver also befriended the POW named Malak while he was in transit.

Several were commandeered by XOF when they took over OKB Zero in 1984. 

Behind the scenes

The Zi-GRA 6T first appeared in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Despite its different origin, it is statistically identical to its Western counterpart, the BOAR-53CT.

In free roam mode, in certain areas, the trucks will briefly make a pitstop, with the occupants disembarking and walking to a different location before engaging in conversation relating to events in either Afghanistan or the USSR. Owing to the Area of Operations being Northern Kabul, the characters will be speaking in Russian during these conversations.


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